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Hi - I'm new here so I appreciate any help anyone offers in advance. Earlier this week, the Passenger Side Headlight on my 2004 X 4x4 went out, so to replace it, I had to remove the battery. All went well, there was only a tiny bit of visible corrosion which I cleaned, the headlight worked and my 'X started right up as normal. I should mention that I only have about 57,000 miles as well. I am on vacation so I did not start the truck for a day or so.
I went to start her yesterday and the alarm turns off with the key fob, all the dash lights turn on as normal, headlights are bright but I have a no start / no crank condition. (no obvious sounds either)
I pulled the battery connections apart again, including the multi piece positive cable(s) connections and once again cleaned everything to bright and shiny. There is a small inline fuse on one small red line coming off the positive terminal which seems ok. I took a test light and have a good bright light testing each positive lead coming off the battery, including the driver's side firewall where one of the lines goes into a small 2 terminal relay. Power on both sides seems fine.
When I purchased the 'X used 3 years ago, I only received one key. I put it in the Driver's door lock and turned it from Lock to Unlock quickly 2 times but nothing changed. (I saw that mentioned in the forums)
I assume that either something got disturbed when I moved the cables back to lift out the battery (done carefully) or that after the battery was removed it somehow created a situation where the alarm is disabling the starter - just odd that it started fine right after the battery was initially put back in but not again after setting the alarm for the first time.
I worked as a mechanic when I was younger but due to premature arthritis, I cannot get under the truck or dashboard anymore, and really don't understand most of the newer electronics.
Is there anything that I could look at or try at this point? Does it sound like an alarm issue (truck only flashes when you set alarm, not horn beeping when alarm is set, since I bought her) or does this sound like something else? I'm not sure if I should contact our mechanic or an auto alarm specialist. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated! TY Bill
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