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2004 3.3L NA throttle kicker?

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I am about to re-install the throttle body and noticed this vacuum device on the side of it. It looks like it's some kind of throttle kicker, but when I apply vacuum to the port, it pulls the pushrod further from the adjuster, and even after an hour it never gets close to it.

Is this associated with the EGR? If so, then it's coming off, since I'm deleting the EGR when I put this all back together.

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Looks similar to the wax pellet on my 2000, but vac-operated. Seems to adjust idle in any case (I don't think it's EGR???)
My Xterra has done fine with no coolant at 40F, can confirm. It'll probably be fine.

As for adjlustment, mine did NOT need any adjustment, knock on wood!
My Xterra still fast idles without the wax pellet, FWIW.

As for the TB icing issue, I don't have any sub-32F time with it YET, but I will this winter and will update. My plan for fixing that if it actually becomes an issue is to build a hot air intake for use in winter time that gets heat from the manifold.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts