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2004 3.3L NA throttle kicker?

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I am about to re-install the throttle body and noticed this vacuum device on the side of it. It looks like it's some kind of throttle kicker, but when I apply vacuum to the port, it pulls the pushrod further from the adjuster, and even after an hour it never gets close to it.

Is this associated with the EGR? If so, then it's coming off, since I'm deleting the EGR when I put this all back together.

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I had already decided that unless someone said that it is absolutely needed for (insert why here), it was gonna go. Thanks for validating my decision!
It can't even get to 88 MPH, so what's the point? I sold the Flux Capacitor! :D
But where you're going... You still don't need roads! :D
"I don't Off-Road often, but when I do, I drive a slow Xterra. "

Or rather, I drive an Xterra slowly.

Looks similar to the wax pellet on my 2000, but vac-operated. Seems to adjust idle in any case (I don't think it's EGR???)
Mine has the wax pellet as well, which is activated by the coolant temp. I've already decided to strip the coolant off the manifold along with the 2 solenoids under it, as well as the air and vacuum hoses. The TB will not be getting coolant anymore, so I may need to adjust my wax pellet or remove it altogether. It's not in good shape and I don't need a new leak after doing all this work.

Mine has been gone for years. The US throttle body had it but my Japanese throttle body does not.
I've seen images here on CX where someone asked for help finding a particular hose. In their image, there was a hole in the heat shield but none in the manifold, and that throttle kicker was also missing.

1 - 4 of 15 Posts