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2004 3.3L NA throttle kicker?

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I am about to re-install the throttle body and noticed this vacuum device on the side of it. It looks like it's some kind of throttle kicker, but when I apply vacuum to the port, it pulls the pushrod further from the adjuster, and even after an hour it never gets close to it.

Is this associated with the EGR? If so, then it's coming off, since I'm deleting the EGR when I put this all back together.

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OMG! You guys removed the Flux Capacitor? You'll never get back to the future now!
But where you're going... You still don't need roads! :D
When I bypassed the coolant lines to my intake I left everything else in place, including the wax pellet. I did remove the portion of the throttle that the wax pellet engages to keep it from causing issues. I put it in a baggie, labelled it, and it now sits in my toolbox of parts. I did that in 2018 and have had no issues. Keep in mind that my X never gets colder than about 68F, maaaayyyyybe 65F in December... at night... in the rain... with a heavy wind... and a full moon...
The coolant to the intake manifold is mostly for features required in sub freezing temperatures. Like:

1) Heating the throttle body to prevent icing.
2) Increasing the initial idle speed via the wax pellet, to help the oil pump move the more viscous/cold oil to the top of the engine faster during initial start up.
Yeah, mine does as well. I don't think it fast idles as fast without it, but it does still idle higher until the engine hits operating temp.
1 - 5 of 15 Posts