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Okay, so I have aftermarket black Pacer wheels and tire that came on my Xterra I bought at an auction. It came with no spare tire. I went and bought a used aluminum wheel and a tire almost exact same size of the ones on it. I also got a good deal at advance auto parts for one of those smaller floor jacks for $25 on sale. I had to do this because even if I had the factory jack, whomever had this xterra had big tires put on it and it wouldn't reach high enough to jack it up. I had to buy a special socket that was thin enough to fit in the holes in the wheel and onto the lugnut. I then bought a lug wrench from Walmart that accepts 1/2in sockets on the end. I was going to go with a breaker bar BUT every review I read from kobalt and craftsman there was always that one person who ended up breaking theirs trying it for the first time. Yeah, you get a free replacement but that doesn't do you any good on the side of the road. Anyway, the spare tire is currently taking up valuable place and is dangerously unsecure for in the cargo area (the back/trunk).

QUESTION: I want to get the spare tire where it belongs but I lack the tools to do it with. I've checked junk yards and ebay for the tool that operates the mechanism that raises and lowers the wheel. I can get one for about 20 dollars but I am also missing the original lug wrench as well which seems to have a special end on it that is uses to connect and turn that tool. Both together I am looking at around $60 bucks for both... I would like to get just the part that goes in above the license plate and one of you all tell me something else that will work on the end of it to turn it easily raising it up or down. ALSO the mechanism has obviously not been used in years, looks pretty rusted up, and is in the down position currently (with the chain hanging over the tail pipe to keep it off the ground) any advice on freeing up this locked up mechanism and get my spare raised to a proper location? (Yes i've seen the people who mount theirs on the back but I simply don't like the look, not my style)
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