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I have just spent the past 3 weekends preparing the vehicle for sale by performing a bunch of maintenance. Unfortunately for me it seems the driver’s side head gasket blew internally right after I finished everything :crying:. It starts and runs fine with no check engine light or misfires, but it blows steam out of the exhaust. Pulling the plugs I can see the issue is around the No. 6 cylinder. Nothing is leaking outside of the engine other than the residual mess from doing the timing belt. I have way too much going on to work on it so I just have to part with it as is. You will need a trailer to haul it on. Located in Havre de Grace Maryland 21078

VIN 5N1MD28Y42C574190

I was the second owner of this car. I am a licensed professional mechanical engineer in the state of Maryland and worked three years as a mechanical design engineer for Toyota. I never trusted anyone else to work on my car, so I performed all the work on this vehicle myself following all torque and fluid specifications. The oil and filters in this vehicle were always changed prior to 3000 miles using full synthetic.

It has lots of good parts and the engine is great as well minus the head gasket issue. Car is super clean and has an awesome sound system. The entire interior has dynamat soundproofing installed. Very quiet. See Craigslist for pictures:
See below for maintenance and upgrades. I apologize for the terrible format. I kept a table of everything I did and it isn't paste friendly:

Item Date Information
New Distributor May 2017 Preventative ~20 miles
New Timing belt and tensioner May 2017 Preventative ~20 miles
New Valve cover Gaskets May 2017 Preventative ~20 miles
New Water Pump May 2017 Preventative ~20 miles
New Spark plugs May 2017 Preventative ~20 miles
New Intake gaskets May 2017 Preventative ~20 miles
New exhaust gasket May 2017 Preventative ~20 miles
New accessory belt bearings May 2017 Preventative ~20 miles
Oil change May 2017 Preventative ~20 miles
Coolant flush May 2017 Preventative ~20 miles
New Tires Jan 2016 Firestone Winterforce UV <3000 miles
Accessory belts and tensioner May 2016 At 159000 miles as preventative maintenance.
New front rotors and pads January 2016 <3000 miles
New Supercharger March 2014 Original had bearing noise so it was replaced
New rear shoes January 2011
Rear differential fluid replaced February 2011 With LSD additive

Front differential fluid replaced February 2011
Oil changes Every 3000 miles Full synthetic oil only with filter replacement.
Transmission fluid replaced February 2011
Timing belt February 2010 At 95000 miles
Water pump February 2010 At 95000 miles. Replaced with Timing belt as preventative maintenance.
Radiator Fluid December 2010 Preventative maintenance


Shrockworks steel front bumper February 2010 $829

Shrockworks steel rock sliders February 2010 $439

Jensen VM9021TS Touch Screen April 2010 6.5” Touch screen with IPod control. The IPod connection is in the top compartment of the center consol. The unit can play MP3s, DVDs, IPod/USB connection. Modules for GPS, XM, HD radio, and Bluetooth can be connected to the remote box under the passenger seat. $499

Backup Camera. Feb 2017 The right blue switch under the center AC vent on the dash turns on the rear camera. Camera is equipped with IR night vision. $50

Muffler July 2013 Single exhaust muffler $100

Front lift kit August 2010 New upper control arms. New upper ball joints with grease fittings. New bushings. Idler arm brace added for strength. $420

Rear lift kit August 2010 Rear add-a-leaf $70

KC SlimLight February 2010 Long range 130W lights $289

130W bulbs August 2010 Hyper Blue/White $50

Wheels January 2011 Gear Alloy 718B Blackjack rims 16X8 $589

Window tint June 2010 Passed MD inspection $200

Rear Axle December 2010 New rear axle assembly with bearings. Limited Slip Differential version. $600

Bilstein Shocks February 2010 All four corners $875

Steering Center Link August 2010 Stronger than OEM $219

Idler arm August 2010 Stronger than OEM with much better bushings. $140

Front wheel bearings December 2010 Done as preventative maintenance and packed with Mobil 1 synthetic grease. $50

Window wind deflectors July 2010 $40

7 pin trailer connector December 2010 All wiring is labeled, connected, and tucked behind the center console near the gas pedal. Ready for a trailer brake controller $50

New propeller shaft yokes January 2011 Done as preventative maintenance. New yokes have zerk fittings for grease. $40

Dynamat sound proofing. February 2010 The entire interior has Dynamat Xtreme sound proofing installed. All doors, roof, floor, trunk are sound proofed. The car is nearly silent without the loud mud tires. $1000

Cargo liner February 2010 $65

AEM Brute Force Cold Air intake February 2010 $293
TOTAL $8,217

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The tires are 265/75/R16. It can fit 33". It does start and drive. Definitely enough to get onto a trailer. Here is the new link to the CL ad. Hopefully it doesn't get deleted again.

That is a nice Xterra. Unfortunately, based on the cost to deal with the head gasket, I'd only be interested in it for parts for my 2002 SC, making my target price significantly lower than what you're asking. I'll see if it's around in a few weeks.

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Sounds good. It has a lot of good low mileage parts on it. I'd really like to see it live on though. I won't go too cheap as I can easily get my asking price by parting it out, I just don't want that extra work and a fully disabled car rednecking up my house.

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Still for sale

Everyone, my Xterra is still for sale. I have been having problems with Craigslist taking down my listing so I haven't had many inquiries at all about it. If you want a parts truck or know how to do a head gasket than this would be a great deal for you.


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