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2002 Xterra Overheating after a lot of work

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Good afternoon all,

I currently live in AZ and during the summer, my xterra overheats quite often. Last summer I replaced the water pump, radiator, fan clutch, temperature sender, and a miscellaneous engine part. I have also made sure it has the correct amount of coolant in it, yet it still overheats on hot days. Before I did the replacements, it was overheating while driving no matter the temperature, after the upgrades, it only overheats when the temperature reaches a bit over 100 and I have to travel over any type of mountain. My dilemma is that I have to leave the valley and therefore go over the surrounding mountains mid summer. Is there anything that I could do to limit or eliminate the overheating issue at this point or is it just something I should expect with a vehicle of that age.
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At any point in these overheating episodes to you hear the fan noise increase? If not I would suspect the fan clutch.
Also don't climb hills at less than the 3K rpm. Keep the revs up! Less heat will be generated and the fan moves more air. Easy for me to say as mine is a manual tranny.
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