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Hey everyone this is my X. Ive only had her a little while put im starting to compose what i want for her. So far i havent done much.

Painted Headlight surround and Air Damn
Removed Rear Swaybar
Removed Mudflaps and trimmed bumpers
Removed StepRails
Added 1.5in spacers to the Back (fronts dont fit yet!)
Added CB radio
Switched engine over to synthetic.

Fixed a few things that were broke.

Things i need to do
Fix throttle body coolant leak (Thermo Control Element)
Timing Belt
Replace Hubs

Things i want to do
3in BL (awaiting install)
suspension lift
custom bumpers

more to come



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Very nice! I definitely like the front brush guard, I've been meaning to get a similar one along with some tail light guards but I've been focusing on cleaning up and catching up on maintenance on my '02 S/C as well.

Wait until you paint/plasti-dip all the plastics, it makes the rig look totally different and new. I just finally finished up my rear bumper this weekend and love it.
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