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as you can see I am brand new to the forum. truth be told I am not an "Xterra guy", but I thought there would be no better place to sell my first gen Xterra.
It has higher miles, 260,xxx on the V6. The engine runs smooth, however I have no documentation of when or if the timing belt has been done. I just got a check engine come on, I will double check and update this afternoon.

my research shows this is the 4.3 differential gears with the limited slip.
it has manual locking hubs (not shown in the photos)

The exterior and interior are better than expected on a 20 year old vehicle. original paint in good condition except for small areas of the rocker panels. there is a large dent on the driver side rear quarter panel.
cold a/c, original am/fm/cd/cassette stereo.

it needs tires, they all match but are showing their age with cracking. the rear lift gate struts need to be replaced.

I had it listed locally for a little bit but the offers seemed really low. I thought it would sell fast at $2800 but the market said otherwise. I will list it here for $2000. Let me know if the price is way off. 314-856-2898 John

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