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Hello All!

A few days ago my X started idling weird then it shut off and wouldnt start, I come to find out that the bearing in my Dizzy imploded, So I rebuilt it using a older dizzy I had, could now get the car running.

I have two issues now,

1. Car starts hard, requires a extra cranking and sometimes it sounds like the starter grinds and then itll fire up.

2. Once the car is started, if i were to shut it off after 5 mins of driving or 4hrs of driving, I cant get the car to start, I have to wait up to an hour before the car will start again.

Only codes I have gotten during this whole ordeal is:
-P0340 Cam Position Sensor (Phase) Fault

Do I need a new Dizzy or reset the timing? If I need a new dizzy where do you recommend getting one?

Thanks for your time!
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