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There are two in the "FE" (FUEL & EXHAUST SYSTEMS) section of your FSM for 2000; VG33E Models except California on FE-10 and VG33E Models California Exhaust on FE-11. They are from the main CAT back, just look in your FSM.

Exhaust manifold and Main Cats are shown in the "EM" (ENGINE MECHANICAL) section of your FSM.

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there are two in the "fe" (fuel & exhaust systems) section of your fsm for 2000; vg33e models except california on fe-10 and vg33e models california exhaust on fe-11. They are from the main cat back, just look in your fsm.

Exhaust manifold and main cats are shown in the "em" (engine mechanical) section of your fsm.
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