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2.4l longevity

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Hi, I'm wondering what the XTerra user community's experience is with the 2.4l engine. How long do they typically last with ordinary maintenance? I considering one, but I am a die-hard Honda fan. I never hear stories of Nissan owners taking their vehicles to 300k plus. Surely they're out there?

Not looking for horsepower, just decent mileage and reliability in a mid-sized vehicle with a manual tranny.
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your kidding right? ;) nissans engines are better built than any honda. of course that's just my biased personal belief. nothing based on science of course. I have 365,000kms on x......... the SR20DET is probably one of the best engines ever made.

the 2.4l ka24de that i had in my 240sx took some serious abuse with the zex nitrous kit i had. installed cams, header, exhaust and intake. drove that thing as hard as i could. ran like a dream. even came stock with 410 gearing. and rear wheel drive.

I put 300 series tires on it from a corvette. your never putting 300 series tires on any stock honda. honda is pretty over rated in my experience. my cousins own a honda dealership. I'd still pick a nissan over the deal they could give me.

and that joke of a truck the ridgeline. f'ing hilarious.
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