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2.4L 2WD Clutch Replacement

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Hello all,

I’m looking for some helpful insight on replacing the clutch on my 2004 Nissan Xterra 2.4L 2WD.

What I’ve done so far:
Pulled the drivetrain out.
Removed shifter from the top.
Disconnected Slave.
Unplugged wiring harnesses from transmission.
Removed crossmember bar.

Problems I’ve ran into:
When using a jack to lower the transmission, it (the transmission) only lowers about half an inch and becomes fully supported by the motor mounts. Absolutely no room to reach the top bolts of the bell housing. Tried reaching the bolts from inside the cab but 16in extension still couldn’t reach, I’m also concerned about getting the bolts started when it comes to the install.

Found the starter needed to be removed also, however it’s so far tucked away that after an hour of trying to approach the top belt from every direction I was never able to even get a wrench seated on it, let alone the lack of room there is to turn the wrench.

Hours of trying to figure out how to approach these two issues has left me stumped. Hoping you guys can help me out. Thanks!
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on the 1st gens you really need about 2-3 people to do clutch changes
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