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2.4 - 3.3 engine swap and transmission question

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hey y'all, i was apart of the clubfrontier forum, but then i totaled my fronty!! :(:( so now i have an xterra!

so here is my situation now: the frontier is a 04 2wd vg33e with a 4 speed automatic trans. the xterra is an 04 with the 2.4 liter and a 5 speed manual.
i want to put the 3.3 in my xterra, but i like driving a manual so i don't want to put the automatic trans in there.
can the 3.3 and 2.4 share the same transmission? and if not, could someone please give me a model number for a 3.3 manual trans?

would an ecu from an automatic fit in a manual to begin with?

the fronty was totaled bc all the panels got crushed, but everything else is fine (including me!!) so i have alot to work with if i need to change more than strictly an engine and trans.

also, if anyone has experience swapping these engines id love to hear any advice you have.
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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