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Hi folks. I have mostly transplanted the entire Rockford Fosgate system from a 2003 Xterra into my 2000. I am running into an issue with the rear speakers though. If I read the wiring diagram correctly, the sub box has a 4 pin connector. One pair of that is connected to the small speaker in the sub box and one of the two voice coils of the subwoofer in parallel. The other pair only goes to the other voice coil of the subwoofer, and is wired to the amp in parallel with the coaxial speaker on the right rear... so....

Rear left is the small speaker in the sub box and one sub voice coil in parallel.
Rear right is the actual right rear speaker and the other sub voice coil in parallel.

I've wired it this way but the rear speakers sound quite... bad. Setting the balance all the way to the left, I still get some "choppy" sound from the right speaker. Setting it in the middle I get sound from both sides that is again fairly choppy and distorted. The front sounds fine. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

I am using the Fosgate/Clarion amp but have wired in a Kenwood head unit.
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