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Got a 1.25 ton old military cucv

1986 m1008
4in sl
2in bl
off road jack hood mount
pintle hitch
37x12.50r16.5 OZ Military tires
Warn Manual Locking hubs
Custom Front Bumper
8000lb Warn Winch


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Worked on a lot of them in the military. These handled better than the 3/4 ton Blazers off road but the Blazers road better on road. Blazers bounced too much off road. These used stiffer suspension and heavier duty tires than Blazers. Also, Blazers top speed weren't governed.

Nice find. I'd love to have one of these. 6.2 diesel/turbo 400, 14 bolt (I think) corporate rear end. Not a bad find. Good luck.
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