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Hello all,

I'll walk through the issues I'm having today, thanks in advance for any assistance you're able to give.

I hopped in the rig this morning, it cranked over but didn't start. I turned the key back to the off position, waited for a few seconds, turned the key again and nothing happened. After turning the key back off I heard some weird clicking and then nothing.

I came here to start digging into what might be wrong. I cleaned off the battery terminals to make sure I had a good connection. That didn't help. I did the ECM relay swap with no changes. I also checked quite a few fuses along the way. Now here's where it gets weird, after all the fuse pulling and replacing the Xterra will start, but it runs like crap, barely 5-600 rpm and the throttle won't respond at all when I step on the accelerator. Multiple dash lights are going off while this is going on too, and the exhaust smells horrendous.

Any clues on what it could be? Would this be indicative of the IPDM going out? The replacement of that unit looks straightforward enough, but I don't want to order one up unless I'm sure that's what the issue is. If not that, then it's probably off to the shop with her on Monday.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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