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06 ride quality

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i have an 06 xterra that i have had for about a year now. i am not sure if the shocks are somewhat knew but i was wondering if i am the only one that thinks the 2nd gen xterras go out of the way to make sure you feel every bump. it is driving me insane and i dont know what to do about it. i have not done any mods to the truck and was wondering if anyone had any ideas for what might be wrong and what i need to get to make it a softer ride. it is just a 2wd (booo) and i never take it off road so i want it comfortable. thanks in advance..
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ZTred, I feel yah, man :(
But, I am also on the other thread about shocks and I am seeing some light on this :D

Tarditi, I agree (totally), but how about them pickup trucks (i.e F150 or whatnot)? There should be a way to get to their level of comfort while driven, right? Too bad! Our X wasn't made as such when they roll out of the prod-line.
Big pickups have a longer wheel base which helps smooth things out some. Also, full size trucks are HUGE money for manufacturers. Mostly the F150 for Ford. They get WAY more R&D money thrown at them than our lowly Xs.
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