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05 Xterra - Fine earlier, now won't start

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I just came home from a meeting and went back out to my Xterra and it won't start.

I asked for a jump but that didn't do anything.

There weren't any check engine lights on.

The battery is only a year old and, even though I'm in Arizona it isn't that hot out (like 105) and my Xterra is parked in the shade. Any thoughts? :-(
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Quick update. I took the battery to Auto Zone and they said it was dead. They gave me a new one which I put in but it still won't start. All the lights come on but it doesn't do anything when I turn the key. I tried putting it into neutral but same results. Any ideas?
OK. Cool I can try that. I just have to figure out where the solenoid is... so you're saying put the cables on my new battery and use the other end to tap on it to figure out if it's the solenoid. I read you can tap on the starter to get it to work once more so I can drive it some place to have it replace but I wasn't sure where to locate that either. Guys make this all seem so easy.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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