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04 Xterra - The Start of a new Project

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New to me 04 Xterra...54k miles and drove pretty great. Didn't do research and the first few weeks had been rough with unexpected repairs (center link, coolant leak, replacing a tire, Merchant's Tire chipping my rim, etc) A few good washes in and a good cleaning and now I am on to the fun stuff!

As purchased:

First project...Rustoleum Bedliner in a spray can. I love it. Very forgiving on people that can't paint (me). Durable, and adheres to just about everything.

Removed front and rear bumpers and trim:

The plastic fender trim had a ton of broken clips and stripped out screws, so I left all the fender trim/mud flaps off. I left the step rails off as well, but they are bed lined black just in case I want to put them on again (short girlfriend ;) )

Finished Product:

Note: I also bed lined the fuel flap...why? Because ImageOmega had his bedlined and when I saw it at mod day, it looked cool...thanks!

Wind Fairing and Roof Rack: Bedlined over the stock decals, and carefully peeled them off, resulting in a flat black "NISSAN" on the wind fairing and the XTERRA logo in silver on the roof rack!

Not bad for 80 bucks worth of supplies and materials!


No pictures, but I also did the complete debaffled airbox mod while I had all the fender trim out. I am a fan!

Next steps:

Bedline the rims to match
Plasti-dip emplems
New tires (not sure which yet)
PML somewhere down the road here...

Basically, every thing on the vehicle will or black...that's it!
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Looks good man, the bedliner makes it look new.
Awesome. Good to see the turn out of the X :D. SO far im handling a couple after BL+PML bugs. I am almost done but it looks awesome. I will be posting em soon. Just as soon as I relocate.
Emblems Are Plasti-Dipped!!!!

My X taking shape...Showing off the blacked fuel flap as per Image Omega

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looks very nice. love the plasti dip!No chrome.... key locks haha!
Holy crap its my twin!!!! lol love it! and i thought i was the only one addicted to the Rustoleum bedliner in a can lol
I have already been thinking about how to get rid of the chrome key locks without getting it gummed up...I think flat black trim paint may be the best for that so the rubber doesn't get jammed up inside the key hole


I love this stuff man....I am definitely addicted to it! Here I was thinking I was being original when in actualality I'm following in your foot steps! I want to bed line....everything!
I want to bed line....everything!
haha I know! I even bedlined my headliner!! some of my friends love it and few dont but i think its awesome!
I need pics of your headliner!!! Mine is falling and peeling and I had the headliner bed lined on my list for the distant future!

We really are like twins here! Too funny!!!
Ill get you pics later on today but yeah thats crazy! i think the black looks real good up there anyways but the toughness of the bedliner is awesome. BTW where are you located because if youre close we can meet up and whatnot. Also my next bedliner project is that i want to bedline the carpet in the X to make it durable like a permanent liner because mine is stained from the few spilled drinks and dirt and everything and that wont happen with bedliner but first im going to test in on my already shot floor mats to see how it holds up and if its worth in
Make sure you file a complete report with pics when you do that. Might do it myself

Sent from The Dark Side
I am located in Raleigh, NC.

The bed liner is definitely awesome. Durable...easy to spray...looks great!
hey man good job, looks very nice and you did it for pretty cheap

Well for anyone wanting to do the headliner in bedliner its the same process as the DIY headliner redo except instead of fabric spray your bedliner. Although i do suggest getting the tool to remove the driver and passenger seat belts as it makes it a whole lot easier to remove and install the headliner. Here are my pics of mine.

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Nice looking X! I am from just down the road in Apex, I will keep an eye out for you.
Nice head/bed liner. I like it!

Cool man! I just moved back in with moms and pops in Cary so I'm near Cary parkway area if you're familiar with that region...near Preston area
Oh yeah, I am familiar with that area. My parents currently live and I grew up in Preston.
Ahh cool man!!! I'm finding a few local Xs on here! You go to green hope?
Sure did, but that was a while ago, graduated in 04. What about you?
Thats lookin' great man! Doesn't look like the same X that showed up on mod-day!

Nice gas door, thanks for the props ;)
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