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Background: 2004 SE with 222,224 miles on it. It runs just fine, and was doing so on a drive down to SF on Friday. No issues with starting, low power, bogging down on hills, nothing. Saturday morning I go to start it and it cranks strong but wont start.

Had it towed home, and have been troubleshooting all day.

I've ruled out:

Battery: tests as fine.

Battery connections: Cleaned and re tightened.

Fuses: Checked ALL fuses to be sure. Replaced fuel pump fuse because I could.

Fuel pump: You can hear it priming when the ignition is turned but not started.

Fuel sending unit: Checked for corrosion and melting on and around contacts. No issues.

Fuel filter: Just replaced it an hour ago.

Distro: Not loose. It's on its third distro, and this one went in 6 months ago and I checked timing two months ago. Contacts are clean and the rotor looks fine.

Timing belt. It's on it's third one (every 100k). I cranked it with the distro cap off and the rotor consistently turned.

Starter: It cranks just fine and the starter is about 2 years old.

Security system: Triggered and disarmed the alarm. Unlocked the car manually with key in drivers door.

It's not throwing any codes. It's not hesitant or slow to crank. The only thing I don't have is a spark tester, but if one of the plugs or wires was bad, it would catch and just run like crap.

Any suggestions?

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Not that I'm a great mechanic, but do you have an extra plug? Maybe put one in a wire and get someone to crank it while you watch. Should spark if the distributator is firing. Sounds like you've got no fuel problems, so must be spark. Maybe someone else has an idea too
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