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03 Xterra XE 4wd V6 manual transmission, black
Purchased 07/02/16 with 165000 miles.

Mods complete:
- 3" SL with Calmini UCA, custom powder coat

- Winch

- Custom sliding storage drawers

- 265/75/16 A/T tires.
- Resonator mod
- Removed side steps and mud-flaps.

15 Timing belt
16 Replaced distributor cap, rotor wires and spark plugs.
16 Replaced fuel filter.
16 Replaced sway bar end links.
16 Replaced radiator with a SC.

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if in doubt change the belt. once you have the radiator out its a fairly easy job, most of the new belts come marked so its hard to screw up, or at-least the belt I got from autozone did.

I would also change fluids in the trans and diff.
the only way to fix rub is body lift, or cut away whatever its rubbing. or go to smaller tires. Id go the body lift rout. haven't yet personally but im only on 31" tires.
and my truck is from the rust belt

My truck is at 200K manual 4x4, my stock belt broke at 160 and ruined the motor. I have a junk yard motor in my truck (all before i bought it)
I also recommend headers (i have ac headers but the DT are just as good) made a night and day difference with my truck both in MPG and drivability.

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Got around to replace the sway bar end links. Going wheeling this weekend so it was about time. The old ones were completely loose with missing rubber.

Autozone Durablast kit. This is the first time I've done this. It didn't come with any instructions how to assemble it, and didn't look like the old ones, so I just hope I got the pieces on in the correct order.
I did: Bolt-head, washer, bigger rubber, swaybar, smaller rubber, washer, spacer, washer, smaller rubber, mount, bigger rubber, washer, nut.

Tightened it pretty well. Might check after driving for a while if I can tighten more? Finished:
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