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Picked up an 03' 4x2 3.3l for a play vehicle. Body in good shape, interior in good shape and doesn't leak or smoke.

The problem I'm running into is a high idle. Cranking cold it is close to 2k RPM's. Warmed up it idles at around 1.3k RPM's. In gear it with brake pressed it is about 1k. High enough where it will actually shift into second gear if I take my foot off of the brake and let it roll. There were no trouble codes at this point. I tried adjusting the idle screw at the throttle body thinking it needed to come down. Idle comes down, trouble code appears and transmission shifts like it's under a load when it's not.

I have checked all vacuum lines and everything seems to be plugged in properly. There is one vacuum line that is unplugged and I can't seem to find where it goes.. It exits the air breather and goes into a steal line below the intake manifold. The metal line runs toward the rear of the engine where it connects to another rubber vacuum line. That line is just sitting there not hooked up to anything. I have looked for some time and cannot seem to see where it does. I clamped it off using a clamp but still have either the high idle, when screw put back to normal position, or low idle but shifts points are out of whack.

Any suggestions as to what another avenue I can take to figure this out? I'm pretty mechanically incline and have lots of experience working on internals and modding out 4 cylinder cars for sport..

I have a friend going to bring an advanced scan tool over to hook it up and look at all of the sensor data this week.

Thanks in advance for any info or directions anyone can help me with. Cheers!!!
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