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hi my name is brandon im a new member to this site. i live in boulder,colorado and spend 90% of my time in the mountains hunting camping and fishing. i bought my xterra last year along with a 6x10 pop up camper. the xterra pulls the pop-up just fine in the mountains but i does eat up quite a bit of gas on the steep slops. Last month i bought a project boat, its a 78 sea ray its 19ft long and 7 ft wide, picked it up for 500 but needed a motor , so after finding and rebuilding a sbc 350 and finaly getting it droped in and all the bugs worked out and tested fine on the water (towed with a 06 ram 2500 hemi) im looking to take it up in the mountains to some of the finer lakes we have for fishing, im not sure what the over all weight of the boat and trailer is, but im hoping that my xterra will pull it, i can live with shitty gas milage just not trying to over weight my truck has anyone here pulled a load that size and if so how does the truck do?
the boat trailer has brakes and my xterra has a brake controller im just not sure about pulling power an stability and if im risking it all by tryin to pull that boat out of the lake on a steep boat launch. please i just need to know if i bit off more than my truck can chew!!!!
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