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02 Xterra S/C 4x4 Fayetteville, NC

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2002 Nissan Xterra 4x4, 3.3 V6 Supercharged with 174,000 miles. $5500 or best offer. -Fayetteville, NC

I love this truck. It hurts to have to sell it. It's been my daily driver for awhile now. Was keeping it as a daily and an offroad truck. Wife said it's gotta go, though, so here she is. I've done a ton of work to it in the last year. So here it is:

I just this week finished replacing: Heads, head gaskets, intake and supercharger gaskets, timing belt and tensioner, power steering pump, water pump, all belts, all tensioners and pulleys, knock sensor, spark plugs, plug wires, distributor, fuel filter, exhaust manifolds, right side catalytic converters (x2), oil change and coolant flush.

Inside of the year and a half that I owned it, I also replaced: brake pads, all 4x O2 sensors, thermostat, radiator, rear main seal, and the starter, and rebuilt the supercharger snout. It's also sitting on 31's with less than 10,000 miles on them, with a matching spare.

The downsides: I ripped out the interior carpet. That's literally it. I had a fuel spill in the back of the truck, so I removed it all and kept going. Thats really it.

The truck is custom painted. I painted it Olive drab--as in camoflauge Olive drab, but just the base color. You can see it in the pictures. Also, I rhino lined the truck below the body line and around the fenders to prevent rock chips. The headliner has been rhinolined to go along with the theme, as well as the visors. It's got a Class III receiver on the back along with a 4-wire trailer light harness. I've taken this thing camping, hunting and fishing. It does it all and handles like a dream. Will probably go anywhere. I'm upset I never got to lift it or finish it.

Some of this was because there actually was an issue, most of it was good measure repairs out of convenience. I have a digital copy of the Factory Service Manual and a hard copy of the Haynes Manual I will throw in. I used them both. Engine runs great. 4x4 works great. All oil changes have been done since I owned it. Changed the Trans fluid a few times too. Inspection is good in NC until October. I'll show you the registration to prove it.

Email Josh at [email protected] or call 313 673 5581
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