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Hi all, my 02 Xterra has 266k miles on its second set of cv axles, anyway the front end just started " hunting " and it seems to roll left/right ( not the steering ) and it seems to studder like there is water in the gas but I'm now thinking its not bad gas , I checked the cv joints and all boots are good and when you grab the shaft it won't move up or down but does go in and out maybe 3/16 of a inch to maybe 1/4 inch total play , it also clicks when it stops when i move it in and out .
This just started this weekend after I put some bp premium in it so thats why I mentioned it seems to studder like it has bad gas, I have put in a different brand but it didn't help so I'm thinking its got bad cv axles, what do you all think??
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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