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02 sensor help?

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I been having my check engine light on for some time,Now its my birthday and need it off so I can get my tags renewed,Nothing like waiting to the last second :)
But I plugged up my code reader and it looks like it throws 4 codes at me P1168 with cnf next to it "not sure what CNF is" then the next code P0051 "cnf" This one comes with definition saying Heated Oxygen Sensor Heater Control Circuit Low Bank 2 Sensor 1.
Then the other codes is the same as the first but says P1168 "PND" and the other one is the same code and definition but says P0051 "PND"

So are all these codes related to that one sensor in bank 2? Whats the difference between PND and CNF? Just some different formats or something and really I only have 2 codes?
Any help clearing this up and getting it fixed would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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Anyone have any insight on this?
Put in sensor 1 into bank 2 and My engine light is now off!
Passed emissions test and got my tags renewed! Thanks!
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