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02 SC running crazy rich

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I have an 02 SC 5 spd that is running ridiculously rich and it's got me stumped. It's been somewhat modified so it's making diagnosis a little harder. The supercharger has a 2.5" pulley, it's got headers, walboro 255lph fuel pump, a full 2.25" exhaust with no cats, Y-pipe with single tail pipe, flowmaster muffler, cold air intake, relocated knock sensor, bypassed boost control solenoid and bypassed coolant through the throttle body. All the maintenance possible has been done, New plugs wires, cap, rotor, distributor, fuel filter, injector o-rings, Timing belt, oil pan and fuel level sensor assembly. All the intake gaskets from the throttle body to the top of the lower intake manifold are 1/16" silicone instead of the stock paper. I sprayed them all looking for leaks but found none. The only SES code is P0462 Fuel level sensor low input, which I haven't been able to figure out. When I accelerate the truck bogs badly until about 3k rpm even though I'm showing 8+ psi on the boost gauge. Usually once I get over about 3500 rpm the truck picks up and takes I've off somewhat like it should. Overall it still feels down on power but that could be part of the running rich. My fuel gauge goes to full when I fill up and seems to drop steadily but in the 60 miles I've driven since the last fill up it's showing I've burned well over 1/4 of a tank. Anyone got any ideas?
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0/2 Sensor maybe? po462 may be a failing fuel pump. I have a 03 S/c with a few mods and I had a running rich issue a few years back, turned out to be the knock sensor and 0/2 sensor. What octane fuel are you using?
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