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01 Xterra - Cranks but won't start

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I have a voltmeter on my X, over the past few days the voltmeter would read low (10-11v) when I was at an idle but would go to the normal range (13-14v) when cruising. I was idling in a parking lot for like 2 minutes when it just died. It cranks, but won't start back up.

Within the past 10k miles I've replaced:
-timing belt/pump/t-stat
-distributor cap

my money is on the distributor rotor. fuel filter was replaced like 7 years ago. it's still on the on the original fuel pump i think. i should also note that it's throwing a bad cat code.
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Get a fuel pressure gauge.
If you replaced the distributor it's imperative that you install it so the rotor is pointing precisely where it was when removed. To do so you had to rotate it slightly before inserting it because the rotor will rotate a bit as the base seats in the gear. You may have noticed the rotor moved some when you seated it. Even one tooth off and it's pretty obvious. Once you crank it over everything changes so you may need to get a timing light to check it now. Alternatively, if you think it may have been off a little in one direction from where it was when you removed it, you can try again using the tip I gave you above to correct it.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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