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01 died on the highway

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So riddle me this on symptoms and how bad this may be:

Well maintained 01 Xterra bombing along at highway speed suddenly makes a clicking speed and loses power/stalls. Coast to the shoulder and it won't turn over. Get it towed to the garage and I'm told there's no oil. Last time I checked my fluids was about a week before. Prior to this event:

-No noise
-No vibration
-No leaks
-No burning smell
-No runaway heat
-No nothing!

The only blip was a hint of loping idle the week before during the extreme cold (-30C and below). That went away after the engine reached operating temp and I've had it before in the deep cold.

Shop filled it with oil and when they turned it on it made a terrible clattering racket. They say I need a new engine.

Thoughts on this scenario? My hunch is frozen PCV line blowing something inside. Happened last year and blew the valve cover gaskets leaving oil everywhere. No oil leaking this time. If it was burning out the exhaust I wouldn't have seen it because I was driving at night when it went.

I needed a work pickup anyway so the X will be retired to the weekend rig when I have this sorted out, new engine or not. Just awful timing and frustrating keeping it well maintained only to have it die like that.
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Right now I think a distributor failure would be a best case scenario. Still have to flat-bed it home to have my mechanic give it a thorough look. Got a 01 Chev Silverado with an 8' bed in cherry condition to tie me over.
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