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  1. Bicycling
    It has come to My understanding that the Yakima interior bike rack for the Nissan xterra first Gen It's a rarity at least in my search and studies of this rack. I found it impossable to obtain installation instructions through out my internet searches but I'm hoping one of you may have the...
  2. Modification Questions
    Who makes a good mounting clamp for a roof rack (i.e. Yakima)? I've been using a few pipe clamps but need something more sturdy like a u-bolt to mount to the factory bars. I can't find any u bolt that works with a round bar and is wide enough.
  3. Exterior Mods
    I wanna see your Xterra loaded to the hilt! Roof racks, cargo areas, trailers being pulled, and however else you can show off your gear hauling beast! Tell what rack you've got, what you're packed for, and anything else you deem relevant to your post.
  4. Classifieds
    SOLD: Yakima AnkleBiter Duece $50.00 SOLD Nissan/Yakima Anklebiter for sale $50.00. I will include the lock and 2 keys. I will also include the mighty mounts(if needed) so it will be ready to go. The Yakima Anklebiter Deuce upright bike rack fits all frames - no matter how exotic and is...
  5. Classifieds
    Yakima Loadwarrior reverse light mounts - new in box. Looking for $25 but throw me an offer.
  6. Exterior Mods
    If anyone has a Yakima loadwarrior or megawarrior that they wanna get rid of let me know! (preferrably not to beat up) willing to buy asap. will work out shipping and everything or if you live near tampa ill just come pick it up. Thanks
  7. General Discussions
    And do you use it with a 29er (mountain bike w/ 29 inch wheels)? Does a 29er fit? Do you like the interior bike rack overall? I'm assuming a bike w/ 26 inch wheels fints just fine... Thanks!
  8. Member's Xterras
    Old pix I'll post newer ones soon. The license plate has changed since these pix were taken.
  9. Watersports
    GoodDay to you all, I'm looking for a solid kayak rack that can hold two kayaks. I only ride about 2-3 times a year and often I'm in a canoe and don't need a rack for that so I'm looking for something either used or more affordable than a new Thule/Yakima "J-rack" for $150-$180each (totaling...
1-9 of 9 Results