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  1. snow tire recommendations?

    Modification Questions
    A little late but I'm looking to buy some snow tires... I bought an '06 Xterra X 4 wheel drive running 265/70/16 all seasons that seem to be on their last leg and not helping me too much in the recent snow storms I've encountered. My mechanic recommended Firestone Winterforce winter tires which...
  2. M&S tire selection - 2010 Xterra SE

    New Member Introductions
    Hi: I'm new here. Last year, my daughter acquired a 2010 Xterra SE AWD, and it is time for new tires. The climate she lives in dictates M&S tires, so I'm asking for recommendations from all. Price is a consideration as always, but not the sole criteria for sure. Performance, durabilty or...
  3. rim questions

    Street Wheels & Tires
    Woo hoo!! My first Post! Hello Everyone! My wife and I bought an '04 Xterra SE/SC 4x4. I don't profess to know squat about cars and even less about tires and rims. Soooo I have a few questions. Our stock tires are P265/65/R17 and are in need of replacing. 1) When buying the winter tires...