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  1. Southeast Forum
    This is for those of us who plan to attend the NOAS run in May. You DO NOT have to be a member of NOAS in order to come join in the fun. This is completely open to anyone owning a Nissan and wants to get it dirty. This is a really fun event with members/owners from all over the southeast and...
  2. Trip Reports & Photos
    What a freakin' awesome weekend! Even though the forecasts called for thunderstorms and flash flooding, it held off everyday until we were off the trails. Pretty good bit of carnage earned throughout the group. Not many escaped unscathed. I myself put an end to an idler arm and my CEL came...
  3. Southeast Forum
    This is a cross-post from NOAS from the event coordinators: ***This is an open run. You need to be at least 18yrs old (or have a parent with you), be responsible, and own a Nissan to attend. That is it! Coal Creek - May 15-17 Alright everyone…..we are 2 months...
1-3 of 3 Results