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  1. Joshua Tree Spring.jpg

    Joshua Tree National Park
  2. Modification Questions
    Hi everyone. I just got a 2002 X. I'm starting the project of mods on it. iv tried to find a cheap off roading bumper, something in the lines of this picture, but all i could find are either expensive, or they have grill and head light protector. While having the pipes to protect the headlight...
  3. Vehicles For Sale
    2000 Nissan Xterra 4x4 SUV. This truck was built to service a coyote trapping line and was then used as an Overlanding vehicle. There is a lot of custom goodies on this beast and with a little TLC this will be a great vehicle that will last a long time to come. The extras alone on this truck are...
  4. Parts For Sale
    Hello.. in search of winch mount front bumper for my 2002 xterra stock height.. will travel a practical distance for the right price.. please let me know if any yall have anything available! thanks
  5. Body Armor
    Hey, I'm looking into getting a new offroad bumper for my 2001 Xterra. I live in BC, Canada and am having a hard time finding anyone close(ish) to me to have one made. Anyone know of a place withing BC or AB that makes a good bumper?
  6. Repair Questions
    I have not seen a thread about winches and I wanted to see everyone's opinion and advice on buying a winch. I have a 2wd and I can't take on hard trails but Iv been stuck and I can get stuck easier than a 4wd so I wanna get one to self recover. Thanks for input.
  7. Parts For Sale
    SOLD.... For pickup only in Huntsville, Alabama. For sale is a Shrockworks Heavy Duty winch bumper for a 2000 Xterra. Fits 2000 to 2004 models. Hardware is included. Needs a bath. Here is the site they sell new from:
  8. Trail Gear
    I just got a new winch for my truck for christmas. I've never had a winch before and the buyer was going by what the sales person recomemded at crappy tire. The question is; Will a 3000lb winch be enough strength for a 2000 xterra. I will be mounting it to my existing ARB bumper and will not be...
  9. Parts For Sale
    I found a contact deal for Engo winches, I was not terribly familiar with the brand but they kicked the crap out of Warn winches in the '4-wheeler winch shootout'. Somehow the Warn comes out #1 in that article because it has purdy stickers and a user manual (who cares that it doesn't work right...
  10. Modification Questions
    hey i just got a '06 with a 3" lift on it. I'm not looking for anything big and i've seen all the winch mounts form but i'm looking for something a little more low profile. i've seen a few guys who have put winches into the stock bumper. And i want to know if anyone knows a shop...
  11. General Discussions
    My neighbor has just started up a fab shop, so he and I are going to look into the feasibilty of designing and fabricating a front mount receiver hitch, strong enough to use with a winch, but in which the receiver is located in the bumper mouth of the stock second gen front bumper. Curt MFG...
  12. Body Armor
    An opportunity presented itself thanks to someone I met in one of our local clubs, and I ended up spending two days down at ARB with Marc and Chris while they test fit one of their new ARB bull bars to the front of my X. It was an amazing process to watch as I hovered...
  13. New Member Introductions
    hey guys, i'm james from Killeen,tx. i have been playing around the idea of overlanding and have been building my x for it me and my little family. anywho, here are some pics! enjoy
  14. Member's Xterras
    Editing this first post for better continuity. Finished Mods - Club X sticker ~Done See post #2 - ARB bumper ~Done See this thread - Quick disconnect Winch wiring ~Done See this thread - ScangaugeII ~Done See post #10 - Radio transmitters ~Done Ham & CB install - GPS/mapping...
1-14 of 14 Results