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  1. ARB Bumper for first Gen Pathfinder/Xterra

    Modification Questions
    I found someone selling an ARB Bumper for a first gen Pathfinder. Will it fit my 2000 Xterra ?
  2. Winch-capable prerunner style front bumpers for the 1st and 2nd gen!

    Parts For Sale
    Here's our winch-capable prerunner style front bumper with some optional add ons we offer! All products we offer are listed on our website, along with pricing and information. We also just came out with 1st Gen sliders and a universal prerunner style light cage...
  3. Fzzt's Xterra

    Member's Xterras
    Editing this first post for better continuity. Finished Mods - Club X sticker ~Done See post #2 - ARB bumper ~Done See this thread - Quick disconnect Winch wiring ~Done See this thread - ScangaugeII ~Done See post #10 - Radio transmitters ~Done Ham & CB install - GPS/mapping...