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  1. Repair Questions
    Alright, I have read a bunch of conflicting accounts about this, so I decided to check with you all. I have an 08 s 4x4. Have a light whine from the engine, no grinding, no knocking, no tapping. Some people were concerned and the dealership said they needed a new timing chain. Others were told...
  2. Repair Questions
    I bought my 02 X 4x4 about a month ago and have done a few things to it such as trans fluid, filter change, cooler add-on, rear diff oil change, rear shocks, new slotted and drilled rotors, ceramic pads, etc. The issues I have are as follows. First off I have a very slight miss that is only...
  3. Repair Questions
    Hi guys, I've got an 05 Xterra S 4X4 and for the past few weeks I've had a horribly annoying whine coming from the underside of the engine compartment. You can't hear it while in the vehicle, but outside its pretty bad, especially around the passenger side or while in a drive through. I've...
  4. Repair Questions
    I have a 05 with about 98k on it. About a month ago I started to notice the whine when I accelerate. The noise isn't very loud, but its there. It looks like it will be an expensive repair to make to the timing chain and I was wondering how long do I have until this needs to be taken care of...
  5. Repair Questions
    I'm looking at buying a 2006 S with 88k miles on it. It has the engine whine that I've heard so much about and is obviously out of warranty. Is this something that I can leave alone and it will just be annoying or is it something that I will have to drop the $1500 on the repair to prevent my...
  6. Repair Questions
    I have a 06, X, out of warranty (47K) and when I reach 60MPH I get a high pitch whine from the rear end area, by 66mph its nearly gone and when I reach 70, all's quiet. I have replaced the tires so I know its not that. Its not real loud, but I know its there and it can be annoying ....any ideas??
1-6 of 6 Results