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  1. Just another southeastern offroading Facebook Group

    Southeast Forum
    Hey all. A few guys I know have made a Facebook group aptly named "Daily Driver Off-Roaders" as that is pretty much the sort of wheeling we get into. Currently there are a lot of Toyotas as this group stemmed off of us planning trips (usually in NC) on the North Carolina FJ's forum... Needed a...
  2. Tellico under the gun again!

    Endangered Parks & Trails
    We need your support people! And we need it fast! This is insane. Tellico was finally reopened to the public in September and now a lawsuit has been issued to close it again. This is said to be a landmark case that could affect EVERY PUBLIC LAND USE AREA! I don't have all the details but I...
  3. 10/10 - SXFC Oktoberfest Run at Coal Creek

    Southeast Forum
    Just found out that the SXFC (Southeastern Xterra Frontier Club) is getting some new life and is making a comeback. They are having a run at Coal Creek, October 10th and it's planned to be an all day run and camping and just all around good times. I'm waiting on some replies to see if...
  4. Quick Tips for Responsible Four-Wheeling

    Tread Lightly
    Ride Right! Below are some quick tips from the nonprofit Tread Lightly! on four-wheeling responsibly in the great outdoors. You can also get some off-road basics with these fantastic 1-minute videos. For more tips on minimizing impact when ATV riding, snowmobiling, camping and other outdoor...