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  1. Idle speed going up and down. Clean idle air control valve?

    Repair Questions
    So this has been happening a few weeks. I'll be sitting at a stoplight or something (out of gear) and the engine will rev itself up and hold then drop and any variation of it. It never goes BELOW what it should be but it'll just jump up and down randomly. I'm thinking I need to clean the idle...
  2. Valve Chatter

    Repair Questions
    So. 2004 3.3L VG33ER (supercharged). Warped the head due to overheating incident. Got the heads fixed, resurfaced and a few valves replaced. Put it all back together and now there is this gnarly tapping sound. I have scoured the forums for this engine and a few posts stated that it was just...
  3. EGR System Questions

    Repair Questions
    2003 Xterra XE 3.3 So a week ago, after taking an 80 mile drive on an xterra that I just picked up a few weeks back, I got the P0400 error code. I did some research and got familiar with the EGR system and did quite a bit of troubleshooting. I noticed that the vacuum hose connecting to the EGR...
  4. Isolated valve(?) noise under throttle, not at idle

    Repair Questions
    Since my head swap the car has only been let to idle while I've chased down a couple of bugs. At idle everything sounds fine now, but when I finally gave the engine a little gas I get a loud "single-source" tapping (not from multiple sources such as valve clatter) under the ps valve cover. I...