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  1. Squealing noise from front during cold weather and left turns

    Repair Questions
    Hello all, once again. I remembered another problem I need to fix and wanted to bounce it off of you all to get some direction. I have seen other threads that mention squealing like mine, but there always seems to be an improtant difference between my issue and theirs. So I figured I'd post...
  2. Clunking sound coming from front of car... WTF!?

    Repair Questions
    For a few months now, my 2001 Xterra SE has been making a clunk/click sound, mainly when turning but sometimes happens when braking or going over even small bumps. Took it up to a corporate mechanic facility, which shall not be named but rhymes with Schmeineke... They had it on the lift for 10.7...
  3. Sound like a Spring being released with a Clank when turning Right

    Repair Questions
    Hi All, Great forum and first timer here. I am getting a progressively worse sound with the following characteristics: Only when turning right (about 90 degree turns) Sounds like spring that is pulled and released with a clank I think it happens when coming out of the turn, not into it Sounds...