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  1. Repair Questions
    I have a 2003 Xterra 2wd 3.3L 6 cyc non-supercharged. The smaller all aluminum (no flexible rubber) hose/tube that goes from the condenser to the firewall cracked at the condenser inlet and needs to be replaced. I need some tips on what to take off to accomplish this and if there are any other...
  2. Modification Questions
    I really like the look of a tube bumper in the front and am looking for this to be my next mod. lets hear about everyone's bumpers. What pros and cons do you have with your bumper? Post pictures!
  3. Repair Questions
    I found a hose hanging there and cant for the life of me figure out where it plugs in to. Please help! I found it plugs in on the drivers side of the front transfer case? front tranny? I dunno. Its in the pic under ther airbox.
  4. Modification Questions
    I tried to search and see if this subject has been covered, but couldn't find anything. I did find the thread on tube bumpers vs. plate steel nothing on sliders though. So my question is... What are your opinions on all tube steel rock sliders? (meaning everything besides the mounting plate.)...
1-4 of 4 Results