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  1. Xterra as Tow Vehicle

    General Discussions
    Interested in opinions and/or experience with Xterra as tow vehicle for camp trailer. Bob
  2. 2001 Tow Package includes what?

    General Discussions
    Hi all, Question: What does the tow package for the 2001 Xterra include? My parents bought a '01 2WD SE new, with tow package. Per the thread, it seems like the only differences are frame stiffeners and the tow hitch? Is that right...
  3. Towing Issue with 2014 X

    Repair Questions
    I'm new to this forum, but I've been searching and searching for an answer and hopefully you guys can give me a clue. I purchased a new 2014 Xterra S to replace my 4-cylinder Tacoma. My main reasoning to the purchase was to have 4wd and good power to pull my 2-place triton enclosed sled trailer...
  4. 02 Xterra parts for sale CHEAP

    Parts For Sale
    Moving in 2 weeks.... Need to find a home for the following parts off of my 2002 Xterra. These were not used. I removed them when I bought the thing new and stored these in the garage. Towing package and trailer hitch has rubber cap and ball mount Plastic cargo basket that sits over the...
  5. Questions about leaf springs, replace repair upgrade?

    Repair Questions
    So I recently replaced all my struts (KYB, hey they were cheap) but I was wondering if I should look into replacing my spring pack. Or what other options do I have? I load my Xterra up with all the gear when we go camping, last time I went it was pretty bouncy with 4 people, gear in the back...
  6. Travel Trailer Suggestions

    Camping, Backpacking, & Hiking
    Aloha all -- I'm looking for suggestions for the best travel trailers to use with my 2011 Pro-4x. It's all stock on our X so we are working with the 5000lb limit. It's a 6-speed manual. I'm sure trailer-brakes are a good idea with any large load so I'm sure we will do that. I'd like...
  7. Towing RV

    General Discussions
    Hi all, I have a bit of a random question. I bought a Winnebago Minnie, dry weight of 3100 lbs, and got the hitch recommended by the RV dealer. It's a husky weight distribution hitch. Anyway, one of the guys at work told me that when hauling an RV with an SUV, I needed to pull over every two...
  8. 5000 lb Class IV Tow Hitch for Sale

    Parts For Sale
    I recently got a new HeftyFabworks bumper, so I no longer need my old Valley tow hitch. It's a Class IV hitch with a 5000 lb towing capacity that looked really good on my 2010 Xterra since it's well hidden. It's only been lightly used. I towed a trailer once or twice while moving, but...
  9. Random Idea: Big Modification!

    Modification Questions
    I hope I'm posting this in the right place... Anyway, I work at a Ford dealer and I've been very impressed with Ford lately (especially the Ecoboost engines and their power/mileage combo), but drive my 2002 X all the time, and as reliable and capable as she is, I find myself always wanting...
  10. 2006 Xterra towing question

    General Discussions
    I have a 2006 4 wheel drive xterra and am considering buying a camp trailer (See link). It has a dry weight of a little over 4000 pounds. I know the xterra is rated for 5000#. Once I'm loaded up I am assuming it will be right around 5000#. Is it good to tow something right at the limit? How big...
  11. Disconnect drive shaft for towing

    Repair Questions
    I need to tow my '03 Xterra about 250 miles and was thinking about using a U-Haul tow dolly. It says that I need to disconnect the drive shaft from the rear axle or risk serious damage to the transmission? Do I really need to do this? How do I go about doing so. I honestly don't know that much...
  12. Front Tow Points? 2002 Xterra

    General Discussions
    Ok, so this is my first thread! This past summer I purchased my very own 2002, 5 speed Xterra. I have already added a brush guard, taillight guards, and a trailer hitch. However, now with the b-guard on the front where the tow hooks went, I'm not sure where I can tow from. I saw that there...
  13. 2010 X towing issue

    General Discussions
    I just got back from vacation and had an issue with towing with my 2010 Xterra. Unless the road was really smooth the thing bucked the whole way making for a very uncomfortable ride and a stiff neck the next day. The trailer in question is a simple pop-up, about 1500-1700 lbs fully loaded using...
  14. '10 OR in Seattle

    New Member Introductions
    New here so thought I'd say "hi"! I've been thinking about a new "snow and tow" vehicle for awhile and homed in on the Xterra after a bunch of research on-line and talking to friends. I actually use the truck for fun on and off the pavement so key criteria for me were long-term reliability...
  15. Considering Xterra, your opinion is welcome

    New Member Introductions
    I am considering a new 2010 Nissan Xterra Off road AT after my 96 Camry (sold it today). Looked at several SUVs and pickup trucks. F-150 came very close but Xterra looks better. Would also like to haul small stuff like 1-ton boat or a small camper etc. I would like to know your opinions on how...
  16. 03' xterra... Trailer lights..???? Help! ASAP

    General Discussions
    I'm trying to get my trailer I built Tagged and Reg'd but for some reason I'm having extremely tough time trying to locate on my Xterra where I plug in the lights.... It has a tow PKG as far as having a reciever, but can't find light plug in... Anybody know how or where to find this and if not...
  17. Trailer lights...????? help.

    How To's, DIY and Write ups
    I have an 03' xterra w/towing package. However I can't find the wiring needed to connect to my trailer's lights. I know that the "harness"? is under the passenger side rear bumper but what do I need to be able to connect that to my trailer? and how? anybody? please? I'm needing to take my quad...
  18. Sailboat trailer license ?

    hey guys, I've got an old '69 Sunfish sailboat and trailer and am in the process of getting a VIN number and registration for the trailer. My problem is that this process takes a while and I'm wanting to get it out on the open water. Next week, my girlfriend's family is going to their...
  19. Need some help with a Hitch

    Exterior Mods
    So I bought this hitch used from another Xterra owner who just shrocked his rear end. He has an '02 and its the hitch that came with the tow package on his X so it should work for mine. Well I went to install it and I see 2 of the holes it should mount to (in blue) but the 3rd hole is...