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  1. Tips on buying first Xterra?

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, I'm looking to buy a used Xterra (2008 - Present). I basically want the new 4.0L motor and 4WD. Don't need anything fancy. I'm looking for some tips on buying. I know that when I bought my current vehicle (2005 Mazda RX8) I wish I would've done more research so I know what to...
  2. Quick Tips for Responsible Four-Wheeling

    Tread Lightly
    Ride Right! Below are some quick tips from the nonprofit Tread Lightly! on four-wheeling responsibly in the great outdoors. You can also get some off-road basics with these fantastic 1-minute videos. For more tips on minimizing impact when ATV riding, snowmobiling, camping and other outdoor...