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  1. Timing on 2003 XE

    Repair Questions
    Does anyone have info on how to time my 2003 XE V6, 3.3 liter? The distributor came loose and it jumped time. Thanks,
  2. FIRST GEN 3.3, AUTO, 4X4

    Repair Questions
    OK, I guess I finally need to fix this thing! My daughter took her lab for a ride last year. Car died suddenly. When turning it over, it sounds like a timing issue. Rotor button DOES NOT turn when cranking, P0340 code. I am assuming it is a timing belt. Don't know maintenance history...
  3. New timing but will barely get up to speed

    Repair Questions
    Just had broken timing belt fixed but mow it's hard to get up to speed it eventually will but starting off you can press it to the floor and it'll bog down shakes and I hear a light tic sounds like a stun gun sound but slower check engine light flashes and takes a high rpm for gears to change...
  4. Accidental cam shaft rotation. Damaged Valves?

    Repair Questions
    2003 xterra 3.3l 4x4 Accidentally rotated crankshaft with timing belt off. I rotated it about 15 degrees or so. Is it possible I bent valves? How far can you rotate the crankshaft before theres cantact between valves and pistons. The cam sprockets are tdc. Thanks for the help.
  5. 2004 Xterra died all of a sudden

    It Won't Start!!!
    When I got home from work, I backed around to park. When I put it in park it died on me as if I cut off the engine. I tried 2 or 3 times to start it. It will crank, but won't start. I thought it could be my knock sensor, cause that was the code it gave me when the check engine light came on, but...
  6. Harmonic Balancer question

    How To's, DIY and Write ups
    So im new to the forum and bought and xterra a couple days ago, going to do the timing belt this weekend since its only $155 at the dealer for a kit, anyways when i bought the car I noticed the harmonic balancer/crank pulley had a chip in it I was looking around for replacement pulleys and saw...
  7. Got lucky

    How To's, DIY and Write ups
    So i had ordered a new timing belt the other day and i was planning on changing it out 12/26. This saturday my belt snapped while driving a week ahead of when i planned to change it. So i towed it home and started on it hoping the valves were not bent. I changed it myself in about 6 hours after...
  8. Quiet hesitation, died while driving, won't start.

    Repair Questions
    My '02 X 5-Speed 4x4 is now stranded at Dairy Queen! Yesterday I had ran battery down and got a jump....drove it fine several times after. Then last night coming home from McDonald's I noticed it not accelerating I didn't know what was the problem.....all the lights were on just fine, I managed...
  9. When to replace timing belt?

    Repair Questions
    Hey guys, I have a 2001 Xterra SE (V6 4WD). I bought it used at 185,000km (115k miles). Currently it's at 234,000km (145k miles). I'm not really sure what work was done by the previous owner, I have a CarFax report, but the service notes stop after 45000 miles. I can see that the last thing...
  10. Alternative OE JPN Timing Belt Kit

    Scheduled or Preventive Maintenance
    I have been finding ways to cut the costs down on T.Belt kits and there are a few ways to accomplish this. 1) CourtesyNissan - Select all components except the tensioner pully, water pump and the A/C, Power steering and alternator belts. This will bring your cost down to about $130 and then...
  11. Anti freeze leak. Where is this location?

    Repair Questions
    I'm in the middle of replacing my timing belt/thermostat/water pump and I discovered, what I believe to be, the problem of my persistent coolant leak. I can see and access the crud (pic attached) of old escaped coolant. I can't quite tell where the leak is coming from though. Does anybody...
  12. Mechanic Recommendation? Timing-belt change

    FAQ/Common Questions
    I'm in Texas, in the Killeen/Copperas Cove/Belton area, and need a recommendation for a GOOD....BUT CHEAP....mechanic. Cheapest he can be, and still be good, in other words. You know what I mean. I've checked the forum for prices, and they seem to vary widely...some saying average is...
  13. Chain wrench for crankshaft pulley?? SC bypass valve nonsense??

    Repair Questions
    Got a big weekend planned for my '02 SC - 1st the timing belt install w/ the full kit from CourtesyNissan, if I get that done in time I've got a valve cover that's leaking so I'm going to replace gaskets on both covers. THEN I just figured out that instead of having the regular old hose coming...
  14. Part it out or Fix it?

    Repair Questions
    Sorry for long post! I wanted to get some opinions on what you would do in this situation. Here is the some history on my wife’s Xterra: 2002, 3.3L NA, ~165K, Original Owner. She kept the miles low using around college town for 8 years. Really started to put miles on as a commuter car when...
  15. Supercharger Predicament?

    Repair Questions
    Hey everyone. 2 things. (1) All was good until I started the truck 2 days ago. It made the weirdest and loudest noise I've heard once I started it up. It sounded almost as if a large golf ball sized bearing let loose through all the engine components upon startup. The weird thing is that the...
  16. Timing belt change and general tune-up...

    Scheduled or Preventive Maintenance
    About to open a can of worms here, I suppose.... 2000 SE 4-speed auto 4x4 ~140k mi, sat for awhile so the brakes are so-so, gonna be changed. It's time for a tune-up, and I suspect I need to change my timing belt; a new radiator was put in just before I bought the vehicle (at ~115k mi) and it...
  17. Mystery Squeal

    Repair Questions
    I set out recently to replace the water pump in my 2001 Xterra. After replacing the pump I got the engine back together and started it up to find that 1) I didn't fix the leak that had prompted me to change the water pump and 2) A loud chirping squeal that wasn't there before has started to...
  18. Strange Xterra Overheating Issue

    Repair Questions
    JUNE 2014 First off I am new to this forum and thanks for letting me in the Club! I did some searching throughout the internet and forums on my issue and I found similar issues but nothing as unique as mine. So here is the scenario, my Xterra's temp gauge started creeping up one day after an...
  19. How do i know if i need a new t belt?

    Repair Questions
    I have had a 2002 xterra se for a little over a year now and has ran perfect as far as i know of. It currently has 147000 miles on it and i have no idea if the timing belt has been changed or not. How can i tell if i need a new one or not?
  20. Acceleration and Idle issues.

    Repair Questions
    Greetings all, So I wanted to get your expert opinions before I start throwing time and parts at my 2000 Xterra. I have been having issues with starters, I have been needing to replace them every few months...but that could just be faulty refurbished parts. Im having some issues with a rough...