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  1. Thule/Yakima SpeedLink fit on factory crossbars

    Sports and Other
    Looking into a ski rack and Thule and Yakima both have a speedlink system to go work on factory crossbars. Being that X's crossbars are pretty fat. It doesn't look like the strap will fit. Anyone using either brands speedlink on factory crossbars. REI is having a sale on them and it be nice to...
  2. FS Thule Roof Rack System for factory installed racks

    Parts For Sale
    For sale This is a complete roof rack system for xterras with the factory installed roof rack. The factory rack is too narrow for multiple boats, kayaks, surf boards, etc. so i put this on my 2006 Nissan Xterra and it worked great. Everything in great shape. Includes extended length square...
  3. Thule Passage XT

    Modification Questions
    I have searched endlessly and have found nothing in regards to the Thule Passage XT Bicycle rack. I was wondering if anyone viewing has any first hand knowledge of this product and its usefulness on an xterra. I cycle a lot and have been going back and forth between this, and installing a...
  4. Kayak Carrier Questions

    GoodDay to you all, I'm looking for a solid kayak rack that can hold two kayaks. I only ride about 2-3 times a year and often I'm in a canoe and don't need a rack for that so I'm looking for something either used or more affordable than a new Thule/Yakima "J-rack" for $150-$180each (totaling...