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  1. Odd Engine Temp and Fan Behavior

    Repair Questions
    Hey Xterra Family, So, a few weeks ago l got a code for a faulty oxy sensor. That lead to a front passenger catalytic repair with the sensor. Around the same time l noticed the fan kicking on hard. The temp gauge didnt move though so l made nothing of it. And l figured it was cause of the...
  2. 01 Xterra Coolant leak

    Repair Questions
    So I originally had coolant leaking and it was coming out of the thermostat housing near the bottom bolt of the three bolts that hold the housing in place. I ordered new bolts figuring it was just the bolts that needed replacing, seeing as how they were rusted. So I bring the Xterra to a...
  3. Strange Xterra Overheating Issue

    Repair Questions
    JUNE 2014 First off I am new to this forum and thanks for letting me in the Club! I did some searching throughout the internet and forums on my issue and I found similar issues but nothing as unique as mine. So here is the scenario, my Xterra's temp gauge started creeping up one day after an...
  4. Water pump?

    Repair Questions
    Hello fellow X'ers! Been a lil bit since I've post it a thread. Work has kept me pretty busy as of late. So, I noticed some fluid on the ground coming from under the X. Being that it was kind of dark (it was in parking structure at work), I couldn't really see where it was coming from. I...
  5. '06 overheating for the 3rd time - help

    Repair Questions
    my 06 has been overheating (temp gage almost to top/hot). did not burst or anything. Mechanic said he fixed problem by flushing gunk our of radiator(new radiator). It did have a gargling noise(my wife said). has been working fine for 30 days and last night same problem. She drives it but I am...
  6. Update: Waterpump/Thermostat Issues 2 - The Terror Beneath

    Repair Questions
    Blah: 2003 Xterra SE 4x4, 175k on the ticker... So about a month ago, I posted this: Leaking Thermostat Housing * Issue resolved, and confirmed it was that damn little hose connecting the upper and lower thermostat housing thing-a-ma-jig. The New Issue Take a look for yourself What...
  7. Thermostat or...?

    Repair Questions
    Hey Guys, I'm a noob so bare with me...I recently had a check engine light come on for my 2001 X, I had the code read at the local auto parts store and they told me it had to do with the thermostat. I have no overheating and I have hot air when heat is turned on so this confuses me...anyway...
  8. No heat! - Thermostat?

    Repair Questions
    07 has no heat. The blower works fine, but only blowing cool air. Could this be due to a bad thermostat? I'm only driving 10-15 min to work, but I should have heat within a few minutes. There might also be a slight coolant smell. Not sure yet whether or not it's related. Thoughts?
  9. 02 X coolant leak, sticky thermostat?

    Repair Questions
    My 02 X is about 500 from hitting the 100k mark, and recently I've had some over heating problems. To start things off there is a coolant leak right under the drivers side front axle. Except one thing, it's not consistent! Some days it will leak more than other days. And some days, not at all...
  10. overheating question

    Repair Questions
    I have a 04 SE with 135k miles on it. Yesterday, I was driving around all day and stopped for a while and the car was idling. I noticed all of a sudden that the air conditioning stopped working and then checked the temp gauge. It was red lined. I parked it there and left it for several...
  11. Xterra Overheating!

    Repair Questions
    My 2002 Xterra started overheating, i've already changed the fan clutch and the thermostat. It wont overheat when it's on parked but it overheats in movement only, any ideas?
  12. Temp gauge won't hold still! Bad thermostat??

    Repair Questions
    I have been hitting the overdrive button on the highway to boost passing. I stopped doing this since I noticed the TEMP GAUGE flailing. It sometimes shows the temp or some of it sometimes it just does nothing as if the car is off. Is this a thermostat problem? I don't overheat at all. Car runs...
  13. overheating in cold temps

    Repair Questions
    I was driving to school today and began to smell coolant, my first thought was the heater core went south, but no fluid. I looked at the temp guage just in time to see it go into the red so I shut it down. The coolant was boiling over the reservoir but no other apparent leaks. After about 30...
  14. Bad Thermostat? P1126

    General Discussions
    I recently purchased a 2001 Automatic Xterra SE (xtreme). Since I bought it (2 months ago) there has been a smell that resembles burning coolant. I'm not leaking coolant but every 100 miles or so I need to add about a cup of coolant in the resevuar. ... my biggest fear was a cracked Head Gasket...
  15. P1126 - Thermostat? Coolant

    Repair Questions
    This is my first post as a new member, I appreciate any help. I recently purchased a 2001 Automatic Xterra SE (xtreme). Since I bought it (2 months ago) there has been a smell that resembles burning coolant. I'm not leaking coolant but every 100 miles or so I need to replace about a cup of...