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  1. Southeast Forum
    Im willing to host a Mod day March 30th 9am to 5pm If you have any things that may need done please post up what they are. Remember we tend to have 3 or 4 rigs that need attention so please understand if we can not get to every item. >>>>>Link for more info<<<<<< 1. drbandkgb - 2...
  2. Southeast Forum
    hey we need ot have a mod day befor coal creek y'all! bad! ive got a body lift on the way that this 18 year old is not getting suckered into paying for! so we should definately have a mod day sometime soon. one saturday, preferably in chattanooga this time lol. anyone down?
  3. Southeast Forum
    This is around Coalmont, TN.
  4. Trip Reports & Photos
    So I got to meet Tom and his cool wife :) Good people :) And a new guy from CF... Wes Was a very nice day to play in some dirty... Had some Jeep buddies giving us some crap... But my Xterra didnt take 2 times at a climb :) Pix in a few
  5. Southeast Forum
    Just looking for a list of Active Xterra owners.. from TN :D
  6. Southeast Forum
    Im posting up a off road ride at Woolys in Middle TN... WE have always had fun at this park.. It 500ac that can test your Xterra... depending on the weather.. These trails are not rated but seem to be either Avg trail ride or Hardcore.. This is a good half day trip but could be made into...
  7. Member's Xterras
    This is only for pix of my X To my build thread...
  8. Southeast Forum
    I thought id start this to help us keep up with the trips for the year! So far Looks like Feb, April, and im sure a couple more in the year.. I think this would be a great place to post some pix and set up the dates! Could be for groups or just people heading that way
  9. Southeast Forum
    Come one, come all this is going to happen! So far: Drake Xterror04 Bountyhunter101 Stevin (pending) Roschili (pending) drbandkgb (pending) Does anyone have any type of comms like a FRS radios or CB? I have both and prefer CB but we can use FRS if necessary. We at least need the trail...
  10. Southeast Forum
    Just found out that the SXFC (Southeastern Xterra Frontier Club) is getting some new life and is making a comeback. They are having a run at Coal Creek, October 10th and it's planned to be an all day run and camping and just all around good times. I'm waiting on some replies to see if...
1-11 of 12 Results