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  1. Suspension lift / spare tire and turning radius

    Modification Questions
    I have a 2015 Xterra Pro 4X 6 speed manual. The local shop recommends the Nisstec's 2" MK84 Extended Travel Lift Kit. I'm doing this to resolve rear end sagging, hitting bumper stops, and to get a little more clearance. The issue: The shop and Nisstec are having a challenge telling me that...
  2. 2014 XTerra Pro-4x Suspension Lift/Tires

    General Discussions
    Hey all, I'm not sure if there is a thread around here or not, I've been searching for some time now. I recently got a 2014 XTerra Pro-4x. I love the truck but I wanted to add a 2 inch lift and some bigger tires, does anyone have any recommendations ? Or have you done this yet to you your X? I...
  3. Flex 'em!

    General Discussions
    Alright guys, Im looking for some input here. I've looked at other Sexterras flex pix and kinda wonder how mine compare. Unfortunately there is one other X in my town that has any real mods and its an older guy so Im just going by pix. I have a 2" BL with AC UCA and Shackles so about 2.5" SL...
  4. 5in of lift q's.

    Modification Questions
    So I'm about to install a 3in. suspension lift with a 2in. body lift on my 2000 Nissan Xterra. I know most everything i need to do but I'm still to sure if i will need to extend my brake lines with the 5in of lift total... does anyone know?
  5. Suspension+Body lift q's.

    Offroad Suspension & Steering
    So Im ordering a 3 inch bilstein suspension lift and a 2 inch body lift kit in order to accomodate my 33x12.5xr15LT tires i just got for my 2000 nissan xterra. The 2 in body lift comes with a radiator drop down kit, and a gas filler extension. But if i put this lift with the 3 inch suspension...
  6. Advice Needed from Those Wiser than Me!!

    Offroad Suspension & Steering
    Ok ladies and gentleman, here is the situation. If you don't already know from a few of my other posts I have a 2000 X with 120k on the clock, and just had the timing belt done... I plan on keeping it for a while! I just ordered a set of Bilstein 5100's front and rear that are set up for 3in...
  7. Steering Shaft Extension?

    Modification Questions
    I am purchasing a 2" body lift and 3" suspension lift from AC. Is it necessary to purchase the steering shaft extension with the body lift? If not, what are the pros/ cons to not buying the extension?
  8. PML Install Help (GA)

    Southeast Forum
    I live just outside of Atlanta, GA and I'm trying to get help installing my PML from someone who is familiar with it. I know there's a write up on CX but I'd rather not screw it up. I'm willing to drive out and supply lunch and beer of course. I have a 2000 SE thats pretty stock apart from the...
  9. Suspension lift

    Modification Questions
    Im thinking about getting a 2.5 inch suspension lift and am wondering if i need to do anything else to the truck so everything is right steering wise
  10. Xterra Lifted

    Exterior Mods
    Could anyone try to tell me if this xterra has a SL on it? I'm trying to model my X after this one a bit. It's the silver xterra with the snorkel and stock rims.
  11. Replace broken leaf spring + suspension lift

    Offroad Suspension & Steering
    I just got a stock 2002 Xterra this summer, and just started taking it off road, and rather aggressively (not quite rock crawling, but water crossings, over logs, etc). It is my daily driver, and will be using it for long road trips with scuba and/or hiking gear, and at some point a camper. A...
  12. Suspension lift help?

    Offroad suspension & Steering
    Hey guys, I have an 06' xterra and I want to get a 3 inch SL for it but I have no idea where to begin. Id like any recommendations on brands, advice, etc.. Also I need to know how much a lift like this will cost me; being a college student, I dont exactly have money falling out of my pockets. So...
  13. 3" suspension articulator kit help!

    Repair Questions
    I bought a 1400 full suspension articulator kit from and my front is so much lower then my rear! my rear has to be like 2 inches higher and it looks terrible. I tried tightening the t-bars. But after i did that the CAS were maxed and the Angle of my drive shafts lead them to tear...
  14. Off Road Tires

    Offroad Wheels & tires
    Hey, i have a 2000 Nissan Xterra XE 4x4 and i just bought a 1350$ full articulator suspension system from and am now waiting for it to arrive in the mail, and now the next step is tires. I dont know...
  15. Suspension Crashed...

    Offroad Suspension & Steering
    I recently had the 3" AC lift installed by a 4WD shop. When i picked it up it didn't look correctly done (rear end sat way highr than the front). I was driving to work this morning and the front end completely gave out (dropped all the way on top of the front tires). I was wondering if this...
  16. AC Lift & Overload Springs

    Offroad Suspension & Steering
    Hi new member here!!! I recently installed the AC articulator lift. There seems to be a 3" difference in ride height from front to rear. Will removing the overload springs reduce the lift in the rear? It looks a little goofy as it sits now. Any feedback is much appreciated.
  17. All about Lifts (Gen 1)

    Offroad Suspension & Steering
    I’ve been looking into the forums for different pieces of information regarding the lift options for a 1st gen. Some, if not most, of the information is out there, just all over the place. This is an effort to consolidate the options, information, and links to the instructions, how-to’s, and...
  18. body/supension lift

    Modification Questions
    so just bought an 05 xterra, its got a 2 inch suspension lift on it, not sure what brand or anything, pervious owner was also unsure of brand, by the way its an off road edition, i was thinking about throwing a 2 inch body lift on as well.... thoughts, suggestions, brands?
  19. 3-4" Suspension '09 2WD Xterra?

    Offroad suspension & Steering
    Hey guys, I've got a 2009 Xterra 2WD S Series. I'm looking for a 3-4" Suspension lift, mostly just for looks, not too hardcore offroad. I haven't been able to find anything that'll fit. Please leave suggestions I'm a girl and I don't know that much about this stuff. PS: I do NOT want a body...
  20. Need Advice on Mods to purchase

    Modification Questions
    alright so i have a 05' x and i need some advice... want to get a full SL to and put 33's on it.. can anyone offer advice as to what kit and tires i should get.. not looking to get to crazy just add some style and off road capabilty to it.. ANY HELP WOULD BE GREAT!!!