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  1. Repair Questions
    Hey I just bought a 2002 supercharged 4x4 standard Xterra and I was under the hood today and revved the engine to find that the normally pretty quiet supercharger rattled once I had revved the engine but went quiet again once I let off the throttle to idle, any ideas what this might be? I have...
  2. Member's Xterras
    OK! So I bought a 5-speed Xterra SC with 4x4 and manufacturer Front bars runs like a champ and have taken that thing everywhere. I tried looking up how many xterra’s where made with my exact specs. All I could find was that 2% of ALL xterra’s made in 02 were stick. Add a Supercharger and 4x4...
  3. Repair Questions
    So, out of the blue my 02 4x4 manual transmission, sc has a burnt rubber smell from the hood. I can smell it while driving & of course stronger after popping the hood. No indicator light, oil level fine, not over heating (new radiator install couple months ago), belts seem ok but im still new to...
  4. Vehicles For Sale
    Super charged with 175,000 has many new parts one owner looking for $1500. Pass is an NH state inspection but has engine light on for O2 sensor code.
  5. Repair Questions
    Hey guys, I sold my 2014 Jeep Cherokee and just got an 02 Xterra SE Supercharger. I kinda knew this would be a project car and so me and my buddy estimated some extra money for repairs. But, woah, this ended becoming a sand pit! Hopefully, this is it for now... We bought the car for $2800 in...
  6. Repair Questions
    I'm no mechanic, so help me out a little here. Can I install a super-charged 3.3L engine into my 2004 Xterra, without any major mods, when the original was not super-charged? If so, what kind of power will I be gaining? I installed 305s on my 2004 and it's doggy now. Thank you very much!!
  7. Repair Questions
    Which loom do I need to cut into for the relocate? I bought a new tail and sensor off Amazon (link) and was about to cut into the loom (highlighted in red) when all of a sudden I realized I wasn't quite sure if I was in the right place. I watched (this video) on youtube which makes me think I'm...
  8. Vehicles For Sale
    Hey guys, I’m in Colorado and am looking to sell my 02 xterra. SC that kicks ass in the snow. Replaced the vacuum lines, brakes- flushed brake fluid. New inline fuel filter. Transmission does not work in reverse and it’s starting to slip going forward also. Great truck for someone who can or...
  9. Watersports
    hi my name is brandon im a new member to this site. i live in boulder,colorado and spend 90% of my time in the mountains hunting camping and fishing. i bought my xterra last year along with a 6x10 pop up camper. the xterra pulls the pop-up just fine in the mountains but i does eat up quite a bit...
  10. Wtt

    Trade my Chevy Tahoe for Xterra. 1997 One owner, no accidents or off roaring yet has Z71 and tow pack. 5.7 L Auto, AC, Remote Start, Alarm, K&N, Headers (stock xhaust/cats) plus more.
1-11 of 11 Results