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  1. Interior Mods
    Best subwoofers to add to a 2000 Nissan?
  2. How To's, DIY and Write ups
    Hello fellow Xterra owners. I bought an Xterra as my first car (2005 SE) and I was looking into making a custom subwoofer box/setup. The rear cargo area (the extra storage w/ the latch) seems like a perfect area to make a custom subwoofer enclosure and I was wondering if anyone has done it or...
  3. Interior Mods
    I have recently purchased my 2003 Nissan X with the Rockford Fosgate system in it. I recently got a new head unit installed and am looking to install the subs I currently have (2 JL 10"). I was wondering can I wire the new subs using the same wiring used to wire the factory sub somehow? Id...
  4. How To's, DIY and Write ups
    I have a 2002 Xterra. I acquired two 12 inch kicker subs,(great deal) with box and amp. I need general advise on how to install the amp to the stock stereo. What would the best way be to acquire the wiring?
  5. Trip Reports & Photos
    Lol, sorry. Ive got a stock '05, no mods besides a sub install. I want to get into offloading, like mud and small rocks, 6-12" or maybe higher. What are recommendations for offloading, hardware-wise, and where are some good places in Missouri to go offroading at? Thanks for your help!
  6. Member's Xterras
    Well I finally started working on my xterra late last year so im going to start up my build thread. Current list of mods as of Jan 2010 Optima Yellow Top Kicker Battery Terminals Sony CDX-GT540 head unit Alpine type s speakers front and rear 2 12 Kicker CVRs Kicker DX1000.1 Optima Yellow top...
  7. FAQ/Common Questions
    I'm about to purchase a 2002 SE that supposedly has the RF audio system. The original stereo was replaced, and I'm just trying to figure out what to look for. It seems like the 03/04's have a sub in the back cargo space, but I can't find any information on where it would be in the 02. Any...
1-7 of 7 Results