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  1. 2001 model rear left window opens only part way

    Repair Questions
    Recently the rear left window of my 2001 model stopped being able to open fully. It only comes down about 5 inches or so then jams. It can come back up but needs a little coaxing. I don't know if it is the guide or something is physically jamming it. I'll be taking off the door cover to inspect...
  2. 2 stupid hoses behind intake manifold?

    Repair Questions
    I can not remove these things... It's like they are. I'm convinced that the metal nose and the hose have "become one". I'm sure some people on here know some tricks that might help. I can get my hand back there and pull down on it, but it's still not bulging. Help me before I decide to make this...
  3. Exhaust Questions

    Repair Questions
    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum but already in a bit of a troublesome situation. I own a 2001 Nissan Xterra XE, 5 spd standard, and recently my exhaust rotted out from under me. So I ordered up a y pipe and muffler from Bosal, ready to bolt up. Last night I got underneath my Xterra, cut off the...
  4. Cooling Fan/Water Pump Pulley Problems

    Repair Questions
    Hey guys. My water pump has decided to go out the other day. I've gotten most of the motor torn down to get to it, but for the life of me I cannot get the cooling fan to come apart from the water pump pulley. I already took the 4 bolts from the pulley. It just won't budge at all. I've tried...
  5. stock tires and off-roading?

    Offroad Wheels & tires
    i've got an 06 X with stock tires, & havent done any real offroading besides tearing up some grass lots. ahaha, i live in florida so im not going to be doing any mountain climbing or anything like that, i was wondering if the stock tires are good for mudding and things like that. do they get...
  6. Taking a shortcut to work = FAIL

    Media Gallery
    So I have my own little fail blog here going on... So we are car pooling to work 3 of us,, and some one mentions a dirt road that is a short cut to work. (That way we didnt have to wait in line at the toll booth.) Only thing was it had of course been raining the past couple of days. It was...
  7. 2008 removal of tailgate interior molding

    Repair Questions
    Hey everyone The latch on my tailgate seems to have come away from the handle and I can't seem to get the door open. Is it possible to get the rear molding off of the tailgate with the tailgate shut??? And it so how? Thanks for helping me out with this.
  8. Offroad FAIL!

    Media Gallery
    I figured I would start a thread that we can all get a laugh from. This thread is for posting pics and vids of failed offroading attempts. No matter how extreme, minor or moronic, share it here for all to laugh and/or critique (tastefully please). So to start, here's a $100,000+ fail. If at...
  9. Idler Arm Bolt Problem

    Modification Questions
    I was trying to install some new bushings as well as an idler arm brace today, but I can not for the life of me get the three bolts off. I've been hitting it with PB Blaster every other day for the past two weeks, but they won't budge. I'm afraid if I keep trying I'll strip the bolts, making it...
  10. Parking Brake Stuck Engaged

    Repair Questions
    I had my X on jacks the other day to install a PML and after letting her down and disengaging the parking brake (aka ebrake) I noticed that the ride was pretty weird. After some further investigation, I could both hear and feel (hot to the touch) that it was the drivers side that was dragging...